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About Galilea

Galiléa, a French personage and ambassador for the good life, represents passion for food, the gifts of nature, gastronomy, and conviviality. In the footsteps of the 19th-century gastronome scientist Brillat Savarin, Galiléa embraces the mission statement of Slow Food France 2005: Give back to the nourishing earth, to the products of the terroir, and to the artisans and producers your expression of the art of gastronomy.


After many years of research into how to express these passions in a new way, the personage Galiléa was created while Francine was working as a chef of nouvelle cuisine in Québec. Galiléa had a weekly column in the local newspaper where she expressed the art of gastronomy under the influence of the Prince of Gastronomes, Escoffier.

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From The Blog

Please visit the blog to learn more about Galilea. You can find Upcoming events, Recipes, Meditations and more!