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Francine Petrovich moved to Reno, Nevada 20 years ago on a spiritual journey. When she felt her French roots vibrate in her again, she revived the personage of Galilea to bring to Reno the flavor of French culture, hospitality, entertainment, and conviviality.


Galiléa feels it is her calling to present herself as a Marchand de Bonheur. The image of Marchand de Bonheur (“Merchant of Happiness”) represents an interior intention to give the best of yourself, keeping in mind the universal laws of respect and etiquette that govern the expression of your love and dedication to everyone that you meet everyday as you share your passion and happiness for all the beauties that surround you. The intention of a Marchand de Bonheur is expressed through conviviality, the art of expressing the magic and pleasure of a great celebration among friends who enrich our lives.

When you invite Galiléa into your home or attend one of her gatherings, you can expect that she will bring all the magic in her power to brighten your special event.

Francine's History

Co-­owner of a touristic resort and French dining room in Quebec.

Master’s Degree in Tourism, Culture, and Leisure from Three Rivers University in Quebec


3 years of “French Through Tasting Wine” evening classes at Whispering Vine in Reno, Mayberry location

12 years at the Peppermill fine dining room “White Orchid” developing a taste for California wines


10 years experience in the first flambée room in Florida, while developing a taste for French wines

3 years at Beaujolais Bistro, Reno’s only French restaurant, presenting French wines in perfect pairings with French food for the enjoyment of clientele


Member Alliance Française, Napa, California, to support and promote French culture

Commissioner of Tourism for 40 municipalities, leading thematic provincial tours through the country villages of Quebec



Galiléa’s Gastronomic Culinary Circle represents Northern Nevada’s passion for wine, gastronomy, and conviviality. It is made up of lovers of food who want to learn and practice the art and science of preparing food with love and passion in order to reproduce the techniques and sensibility in their own environments for the perpetuity of the good life. The circle is a vehicle to connect you again with the real meaning of gastronomy: the loving contact with food. The harvest of the earth creates a movement that transforms the artisan in you into an artist and brings alive in you the magic touch that expresses Joie de Vivre.


The culinary circle promotes and resonates with the marvelous know-how of individual artisans and growers who cherish and respect the hidden treasures and the natural resources of the terroir to elevate their lifestyle, and recognizes them for their perpetual passion to make a difference in the orientation of our agricultural environment and to have a benevolent effect on the New Age. Knowing that efforts towards sustainability begin to ensure everlasting peace and freedom and will have a great impact on how everyone relates with others in balance and harmony, we take time to learn, to reflect, to enjoy, to savor, and to share in order to bring a new light to the approach of the joy of living – la Joie de Vivre.


Our circle highlights the end use of naturally and locally grown foods. It supports educating the senses to enjoy such food through conscious tasting, preparation, and pairing of foods and wines as ways to continue, complement, and finish the work of sustaining the earth, living in harmony with it, and enjoying the fruits of the labor that growers have done with love and awareness.


Join us in a celebration of the good life through association, affiliation, and partnership.


Two Feathers Herbal Healing Formula enables people to regain their health by following a specific protocol. Galiléa will offer them a healthy and happy way to eat while following the Two Feathers protocol.


Two Feathers has given Galiléa a mandate to enhance the everyday cuisine of individuals who are following the Two Feathers protocol in a way that will respect the laws of healthy diet necessary for the well being of the human organism. Two Feathers wants these individuals to understand the process of true healing that will lead them toward a harmonic and energetic relationship with food and a strong connection with nature and the universe. Two Feathers expresses this wisdom with the words: “God bless you and enjoy the good life.”


Galiléa assists in the healing process by developing recipes for the different stages of the process of healing — to change the old reflexive way of eating and create a new style of eating according to macrobiotic principles that will enhance a positive lifestyle in harmony with the ultimate laws of the Universe. Recipes will follow the protocol of Two Feathers Healing Formula and, as healing proceeds gradually, will bring a sense of getting back the primordial energy that one needs to accomplish one’s dreams.


Being at peace with your environment creates a positive attitude and enthusiasm toward a benevolent expression of the JOY of Living — la Joie de Vivre. The universe of food provides an abundance of ingredients that can be freshly prepared with love and passion to elevate everyday meals, provide great enjoyment, and nourish in a holistic way. Galiléa will develop unique recipes, keeping in mind Two Feathers’ important recommendation that certain ingredients that will be harmful to your health be eliminated while the product is applied: no dairy products – no red meat – no wheat. Galiléa will provide meditations to guide individuals applying the protocol to focus in a different way on their relation to health and their everyday nourishment that will energize them towards happiness.


Learn More About Two Feathers


“If we live in harmony with our natural environment, health and happiness will follow automatically. The effects of food on our physical condition and mental outlook being that the most basic and fundamental way of achieving health and happiness is to begin selecting, preparing, and eating our daily meal in accordance with the order of nature, a way of life according to the order of the universe. A holistic way of living expands the understanding of a creative potential development of the human.”

— founder of macrobiotics and author Michio Kushi, Natural Healing