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Galiléa’s gastronomic and culinary circle is intended to provide
members with the following skills and experiences regarding:


Food is an essential aspect of life. It can do more than just nourish the

body. It can contribute to one’s joy, health, and personal fulfillment.

Every day can be a celebration! It is the desire and mission of Galiléa

to guide the hidden chef in everyone to rediscover food. Galilea will:


Assist fellow epicures in preparing everyday meals with the

understanding of how they are connected to all the ingredients

that they use and with the people who provided those



Provide the tools that will help members enjoy cooking as an artist

and to express themselves and their understanding through their



Provide a forum for members to share their own creations with

friends and family as an introduction to the pleasures of good

food and conscious eating.


These tools include learning the magic of using classic preparations of

stocks, mother sauces, marinades, and infusions of spices and herbs to

enhance and evoke the depth of flavors and tastes. The universe of food

offers you an unlimited variety of choices. Variety is the spice of life,

and food is the elixir of life.



To guide members through the sensuality of tasting wine by teaching

them to recognize the power and subtlety that each wine varietal has to

offer. The qualities of each wine are waiting to open one up to the

silent universe of appreciation when the explosion of taste creates the

ultimate connection between your personal expectation and what the

wine has to offer. That is why understanding wine is a lifelong quest.


Learning more about wine makes one love wine more.

Galiléa, always through a poetic and romantic approach, will implant a

creative way of paying attention to what wine has to offer beyond

simply analyzing how to taste. Through wine one can receive an

understanding of universal laws that can be applied for one’s own self-

development. Here is an example: “Knowing how to age well is to

know how to keep alive for a long time the virtues of youth.” This is

one of Galiléa’s meditations that makes her a marchand de bonheur,

someone who always gives and produces the best that is in her power

in order to be reborn again like the grapevine that every spring begins

to go through its yearly natural process.




Galiléa will act as orchestra leader to harmonize perfect food and wine

pairings at the moment of their performance.


Food and wine paring follows certain basic rules, but the result is very

personal. When one is entertaining, the right pairing creates an

intimacy, a harmony that elevates the resonance of pleasure for one’s

guests and allows one to connect with them and share together the

secret and magic of food and wine pairing. No pairing is identical. One

must learn to use one’s own judgment. It is an experience members will

want to repeat again and again.


Galiléa’s gastronomic culinary circle is intended to be a place to meet

and to share the values of a food and wine society.


“When an individual masters himself, his family becomes happy.

When the family is happy, society becomes healthy.

When society is healthy, the world becomes peaceful.”

– Michio Kushi, Natural Healing Through Macrobiotics



Taste is a sense that requires more attention than simply knowing

whether something is “good” or “bad.” Galiléa will demonstrate the

universe of pleasures related to taste through food, wine, and food and

wine pairings, and teach members to know that every time they taste

food it will trigger an automatic process of appreciation. The result will

be a joy and a way to give love to others.


Galiléa has developed, through years of preparing meals for the

happiness of her guests, a sense of universal taste. This means feeling

the food through the entire sequence of courses in the menu offered in a

way that will please every guest, even those who are usually not fond

of certain ingredients. The sense of universal taste opens up the

universe of food.



Your guide to wine in French is Galiléa, a French personage who

represents passion for wine, gastronomy, and the French language. The

personage of Galiléa will appear during the tasting and French

immersion portion of every course session, when the everyday

becomes a play.


Galiléa, a member of the Alliance Française of Napa, cherishes French

culture and brings all the inspiration and motivation in herself to touch

the world in a magic way. Her purpose in teaching French is to make

you speak like a poet.