| Learning French Through Wine
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Learning French Through Wine

Let Galiléa introduce you to wine culture!

Tasting is very simple…It is an act of living.

wine frenchLearning French Through Wine offers you the immediate experiences of tasting wine, so you can detach yourself and feel you are in another world – one where you can speak French without restriction – because “Le vin apporte la joie de vivre” – “Wine brings the joy of living.”


Over a glass of wine, laughter and conversation come easily . . .


You learn French while you taste wine, and you learn about wine in French – and in English – all in a social environment where everyone can express themselves.


People who get together to taste wine and learn French create a new blend . . . Galiléa’s société.


Great for couples. A totally enjoyable experience.

Course 1: Approaching Wine 

(4 sessions)


How to Approach Wine Tasting

How to Familiarize Yourself with Wine

Serving Wine

Examining the Appearance of a Wine

Course 2: Describing Wine 

(4 sessions)


Examining the Appearance of a Wine: Color

Examining the Appearance of a Wine: Legs

Perceiving Aromas

Describing the Aroma and Bouquet of a Wine

Course 3: Developing Taste 

(4 sessions)


Tasting Wine

Applying Techniques to Develop Taste

Discerning Taste and Aroma

Discerning Body and Texture

Course 4: Describing Flavors 

(4 sessions)


Swishing and Chewing Wine

Swishing and Chewing White Wines

Swishing and Chewing Red Wines

Describing the Finish


Discovering White Wine ~ Discovering Red Wine ~ Exploring Old World and New World Wines ~ Pairing Wine with Food



  • Three choice tastings per session
  • All materials provided
  • 8-10 persons per course


21 years of age

No language experience required

A desire to speak French for your own pleasure

Love of wine

Open to having a good time


1½ – 2 hours per session

Evening and afternoon sessions available

Dates and times by appointment


  • Gain wine knowledge quickly
  • Taste 12 new wines each course
  • Develop a full expression of the senses
  • Learn to identify grape varietals
  • Make tasting a second nature
  • Speak, understand, and read French with a vocabulary of 2000 words
  • Enjoy full French immersion in a casual setting
  • Receive semi-private instruction
  • Order wine with confidence


$200 or more per course, depending on the value of the wine selection

Four sessions . . . 12 wines . . .

Learn French . . . Learn wine


Your home or wine cellars and cafés by arrangement

Good wines make you dream ~ Great wines make you reflect

These classes will be offered throughout the year at various pre-set locations, or you can arrange for your own class group to meet at a location of your choice – even your own home.

Galiléa invites you to join her.

To RSVP your attendance at a scheduled class or to set up your own class group.